Angels are believed to be created from a luminous substance and are often described as a form of light. Many religions believe the Archangel Raphael is 'God's doctor' and brings the gift of healing. 

Antelope Canyon is a beautiful, majestic sandstone slot canyon on Navajo Nation land near Page, Arizona. The Navajo people consider Antelope Canyon to be a very sacred site with deep religious significance. I recall it was a near-mystical experience. 

In 2014 I visited Arizona and Antelope Canyon and took well over 1000 photos.

... it wasn't until years later, when I was reviewing all these photos again when one image caught my eye ... and to my disbelief ... I saw an Angel ... in the beautiful light that shone through the canyon from above. 

Until recently, I had never displayed Angel to the public. With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, many people are in need of an angel.  So perhaps "Angel" was waiting for the right time to appear.  

I should add that there is zero pixel manipulation ("photoshopping") of the Angel photo. Just some minor global adjustments were made. 


P.S. Angel was taken at the exact same location as Peter Lik's Phantom. This black & white photograph set the record for the most expensive photo ever sold: $6.5 million. Click here to read the press release. Lik's color version, Ghost, is sold out - selling over 900 copies. As of January 1, 2022 print #892 is being offered for $15,000 and print #384 for $19,500 by private sellers. 

Want to learn more about how Ghost and Angel were created?  Click here (and scroll to the bottom of the webpage).             

Awards and Recognition

Black & White Spider AwardsHonorable Mention - Press Release

International Color Awards: Honor of DistinctionPress Release

International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention

Monovisions Photography Awards: Honorable Mention

Monochrome Awards: Honorable Mention

Fine Art Photography Awards: Nominee

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90-day return policy - if you are not delighted with this photo, you can return for a full refund. 

Prints are Limited Edition (950) and handsigned by the artist.

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"I felt compelled to have 'Angel' in my home. It means something different for every individual - and to me it's the constant reminder someone watches over us."  -Curtis from Boston, MA

“Tim Owen is an amazing photographer and a very caring and giving person. Tim was selling his print, "Angel" during the Covid 19 Pandemic and was donating the profits from this print to a local food pantry. I was intrigued by the picture and wanted to support a worthy cause so I purchased it. As someone who looks for signs of spirituality in the natural world, I found this photograph truly unique as the image captures an undeniable human form made up of particles, light and a bit of the supernatural.” -Janet from Bolton, MA

Angel Gallery

Untitled photo

More Comments about Angel:

"Magnificent" - Stephen Wingate

"We have visited this beautiful magical place. Our guide was Gabriel, just like the angel" - Joan Smith

"So ethereal and lovely" - Hello Maggie Photography

18"x24" Angel Print

Framing of Angel (Canvas Floater)

Angel Print Sizes

Printing of Angel

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