Bare one's sole (def'n): “to reveal one's most private thoughts and feelings"

If you bare something, you remove the covering from it, especially from part of the body.

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This tree has shed its protective and comforting outer foliage. It has revealed itself to the world. It now stands bare in the chill of winter, exposed to all that look and judge it.

Have you felt this way before? "Naked" for the whole world to see?

Perhaps an artist displaying their work for the first time? And nobody will buy it? And worse, ridicule it?

A stand-up comedian? And worried nobody will laugh?

A singer wondering if you’ll forget the lyrics? A guitarist forgetting the chords?

A professional tennis player admitting your anxiety of speaking to the press?

A professional basketball player standing alone on the free throw line with the game on the line?

An Olympic gymnast with the “twisties”?

A performer publicly discussing a failed marriage?

Then this image is about you. 

999 "Bared Soul" NFTs will be minted. So only 999 souls can be soothed. Only 999 souls will be admitted to the Bared Soul Club. :) 

Just like all of us humans, each Bared Soul NFT will be different. But just like us humans, who share a common family tree, and whose genetic code is 99.9% the same, each NFT will be just a little different - perhaps just a small twig removed. 

In the future, 50 additional "Artist Proof" NFT's will be created, that will allow some "creative expression" (more than just a twig removed). 

Sallly Field - "you like me" - the original Bared Soul

Naomi Osaka bares her 'fragile' soul

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