Awards & Recognition

International Color Awards

Spirit - Honor of Distinction - Press Release

Solitude - Nominee - Press Release

International Photography Awards 

Angel - Honorable Mention

Spring Mist - Honorable Mention

Black & White Spider Awards

Angel - Honorable Mention - Press Release

Heart of a Runner - Honorable Mention - Press Release

3 Amigos - Nominee - Press Release

Monovisions Photography Awards

Angel - Honorable Mention

African Savanna - Honorable Mention

Monochrome Awards

Angel - Honorable Mention

Citta in Movimento - Honorable Mention

Fine Art Photography Awards

Angel - Nominee

Spring Mist - Nominee

Bared Soul - Nominee

Girl in Red Dress - Nominee

Resolute - Nominee

The juries of the International Color Awards, International Photography Awards and Black & White Spider Awards included some of the most influential names in the industry, representing many of the world’s leading art galleries.

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